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Goblin Hunters

Designed by Ray Williams and illustrated by Fábio Fontes.

The city of Salvatore is under attack by hoards of goblins and You have been summoned to protect the land. This should pose no problem for you and your party who are known throughout the lands as the best goblin hunters around. So to make things interesting it’s time to settle a little bet and see who is the best Goblin Hunter overall by being the first to capture 20 goblins.

Game Play

Goblin Hunters is our second game following on the heels of our first successful Kickstarter Alchemist Academy. Goblin Hunters is a fast pace push your luck style card game combined with set collection and a betting mechanic for 2 to 4 players and is played in 10 to 15 minutes. Goblin Hunters base game comes with 4 different character cards to choose from, and more will be added as stretch goals are reached. Each character comes with their own special ability, which can be used once per turn when they go hunting to give you an added advantage

. Character Cards

The Search deck contains 3 types of cards: Goblin Cards, Wound Cards and Goblin/Wound Cards. Try to collect as many goblins as possible without taking too many wounds, collect sets of goblins to gain extra bonuses.

This is the perfect game to play while having a few laughs with some friends, between other games or while waiting for the rest of your party of Adventurers to arrive.

Search Cards

Game Contents
26 – Goblin Search Cards
4 - Character Cards
4 – Character Score tokens
1 – Map Score Board
1 - Rulebook


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